Breast Reduction

About Breast Reduction

Hospital care: 1 night

Taking a shower: after stitch removal

Stitch removal: after 14 days (or dissolvable stitches)

Protective bra: for several weeks

Final result: after 6 months

Who Needs A Breast Reduction?

When the breasts are too large to fit the proportions of the body, Breast Reduction surgery is needed. Heavy breasts are an inconvenience for many women, and Breast Reduction is the perfect solution for them.

Breasts too large mean not only an aesthetic problem, but often cause health problems as well, such as muscle contractions, spinal issues, or even chronic headaches. It can be distracting during sports activities, restricts the work, and makes everyday tasks harder. Of course, a Brest Reduction solves all of these.

Big breasts lose their firmness and start to sag after significant change of body weight, pregnancy, or even because of the natural aging process. We can achieve beautiful results in these cases with the modern methods of plastic surgery.

What Happens During A Breast Reduction?

We reduce the volume and the size of the breasts, then adjust the skin to the new size.

Breast Lift itself is not enough for large, sagging breasts, as they would droop again a few months later because of the extra weight.

To avoid this, a portion of the breast tissues must be removed to ensure that its weight does not exceed the extent that the skin and the surgical scars can keep in place. Combination of Breast Lift and Breast Reduction leads to beautiful results.

Various surgical procedures exist for Breast Reduction. The decision about which one to choose is made during an informative consultation between the patient and the surgeon.

However, there is something in common in all the methods: the first incision is made around the nipple. According to the standards, it is followed by a vertical cut from the nipple to the crease under the breast, and in some cases an additional horizontal cut in the crease (like an inverted „T”).

Optimal incisions are determined according to the measurements taken before the operation, with skin markings.

After adjusting the contours and the skin to the new shape and size, it becomes possible to remove excess tissue and replace the nipple. Incisions are closed in the tissue of the skin and under the skin, with double-layer subcuticular running closure. Stitches are removed later.

At the end of the operation, we apply special sterile patches to fix the edges of the wounds, and the breasts, so they will not strain the incisions due to their weight. With these, the initial period of scarring will be optimized as well.

Breast Reduction with our Premium Plastic Surgery usually preserves the sensitivity of the nipples.

As we have to remove part of the milk ducts and breast glands, breastfeeding ability may be reduced, but not eliminated. Although, it is advisable to perform Breast Reduction later in case of family planning.

Breast Reduction Aftercare

As a general rule, our patients spend a night at our hospital after Breast Reduction, and then go home the next day. Follow-up examinations are required at specified intervals. Smaller bandages are removed as soon as possible.

Rarely, a longer hospital stay is needed due to medical reasons. In this case, our patients will be cared for by our experienced staff for a few more days.

Bandages cannot be exposed to water at all, and the wound should not be wet before stitch removal. If there are any drains inserted, you definitely have to wait for their removal before grooming.

Stitch removal is usually due after 2-3 weeks, depending on their type. This is not needed in case of dissolvable stitches.

Wearing a special bra is recommended after Breast Reduction Surgery to ensure strong hold for several weeks. We give one of these to our patients as a present. Following this period, another type of bras are suitable as well (e.g. sports bra).

In first few weeks, sudden movements (e.g. stretching, straining) are forbidden. The upper arm area should be moved in a gentle way. Patients should sleep on their backs to enhance internal wound healing.

The breasts must be taken care of with extreme caution for 2 months after Breast Reducion Surgery, which involves avoiding any exertion. Household chores and sport activities are allowed according to the current state.

A full recovery is about 6 months. With proper wound care, the scars are thin and fine lines by then. Protect them from intense solar radiation to avoid pigmentation and discoloration!

One year after Breast Reduction Surgery a mammography examination should be performed in order to assess the outcome of future screening tests properly. We recommend this test before the surgery for the same reason.

Smoking and frequent weight changes are also to be avoided. In case of larger breasts, we recommend to always wear a bra to delay the recurrence of drooping (this can be solved with another surgery). Every woman should wear a bra during sport!

Expectable Results Of Breast Reduction

We would like to achieve the most symmetrical result, which can be optimized with an additional small intervention if needed.

Following surgery, the majority of women reported feeling a whole new life, since the problem that disturbed them so much has been solved. Improvements in their appearance are clearly visible, as their posture become better as well. Prior to the intervention, they often slouched, but after Breast Reduction, they are proudly upright.

Laboratory Tests Required For General Anesthesia

  • Urine
  • Blood Type
  • Blood count, sedimentation rate
  • Bleeding, coagulation time
  • prothrombin time
  • Serum Creatinin, Urea, Nitrogen
  • Serum K, Na, blood sugar
  • 12-lead EKG
  • Chest X-ray (above 45 years of age, not older than 1 year)
  • Breast ultrasound (not older than 1 year)

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